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TV Advertising Essay Example for Free

Television Advertising Essay Without a doubt, these days such noteworthy advancement medium as TV is loosing its capacity and viability. This is associated with various different reasons, including, above all else, an enormous over-burden of TV advertisements on practically all national and nearby TV channels. Our TV motion pictures and shows are being intruded on a few times with long breaks for plugs, which can not arrive at their intended interest group, on the grounds that most of watchers discover TV notices irritating and basically change their consideration regarding something different. Along these lines, the adequacy of TV advertisements decreases, since TV crowd got exhausted of various plugs, which as a rule come at such times, when watchers are not intrigued by that data or not prepared to acknowledge it. Another inconvenience factor is exaggerating of similar advertisements, which can not stand out and summon any intrigue any more. At last, present day electronic gadgets (like TiVo) permit disposal of ads and, in this manner, contribute in diminishing the effectiveness of TV promoting. When contrasting TV publicizing and such limited time medium as magazines, we can concoct the accompanying ends. The primary points of interest of magazine promoting are its being significantly more affordable, just as the chance to offer rehashed introduction. A magazine peruser can see similar promotions on a few events, just as draw in various optional perusers. That is the reason we can say that a magazine promotion endures longer than a TV ad, however it doesn’t permit arriving at that much wide objective crowd. In addition, despite the fact that magazine publicizing can not offer sound and progressed special visualizations, it is as yet a renowned and successful limited time channel. Magazine promoting utilizes top notch hued pictures and innovative creations, trademarks, which can stay in memory for long time, just as tests and analyzers (for certain kinds of items). At last, plenitude of various promotions on present day TV makes watching ads not so much controlled but rather more detached, while perusing a magazine for the most part includes increasingly mental commitment and higher consideration of the peruser. Reference index:  ·Ã¢ â â â â â â â Consterdine, G. (n.d.). Magazine Advertising Effectiveness. PPMarketing. Recovered April 15, 2007, from ·Ã‚        Templeton, B. (n.d.). The Future of TV Advertising. Bread Templeton’s Home Page. Clari Net Communication Corp. Recovered April 15, 2007, from

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Islam or Shariah Law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Islam or Shariah Law - Essay Example Islam or ‘shariah’ law oversees under the Islamic code referenced in the Quran and Hadiths.â It should be the lawful and good code for each Muslim, involving strict issues budgetary positions and consistently issues. Since the induce of the 21stcentury numerous Muslim nations including Malaysia, Indonesia morocco and Pakistan, urged and reacted to majority rule government and voiced their assessments of it being a greatly improved framework to oversee nations. Regardless of whether the current sociopolitical and social settings are good with the ‘shariah’ law is the central matter which plagues numerous Muslim people. The challenges looked by Muslims all over are because of the disarray over the legitimate frameworks for example regardless of whether to follow the Islamic method of discipline or to follow the state; whether the right strategy for exchange is the Islamic way (liberated from credit) or to follow the business and state strategies. There have consistently been banters over the legal framework whether as to give unforgiving disciplines or let the constitution choose? The discussion goes on between political pioneer and researchers. Some Muslimscholarsbelieve that the amalgamation of ‘shariah’ laws in the lawful arrangement of a nation is the most ideal approach to really watch the Islamiclaws. One case of this is the way that polygamy is culpable in a few nations, yet permitted by Islamic law. In India bovines are viewed as sacrosanct however they are a piece of the Islamic conciliatory custom of Eid where they are butchered. These are circumstances where a Muslim can't act dependent on his religion alone and needs to consider the state laws first. The response of â€Å"secularizingIslam† has not generally been a pretty sight. Simply a year ago the Archbishop of Canterburyâ was wildly investigated by the Government and the political circle, his own Church and different religions after he upheld the a ppropriation of a couple ‘shariah’ laws in the British system.While some British Muslim researchers overlooked it saying it won't and needs more votes by the network. The central matter is that most countries bolster mainstream frameworks which are not good with Islamic law. The way that the Archbishop was so vigorously condemned shows that the lion's share in these countries don't bolster any such laws either. Muslims are in this way stuck in a circumstance where they should pick whether they wish to adjust to the state law or follow their own.

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Newspaper and Online Media -- Communication, News, Technology

Paper and online media have both worked admirably to spread report to perusers. Paper as a customary media is acknowledge by a great many people for quite a while. In any case, as the innovation is growing up, online media become a contender of paper. Corridor (2001, p.2) express that there are 200 million individuals utilizing the web normally and the website page is around 800 million. These days, the web clients are as yet growing up exceptionally quick. Be that as it may, the paper despite everything assuming a significant job in news territory. These two significant news media become a piece of individuals' life. Them two have favorable position and impediment. Paper had created for quite a while, and web innovation is new. However, they are all produce data to crowds as quickly as time permits. For a long time, paper is the most simple media for crowd to get news. Cole and Harcup (2010, p.4) accept that paper is anything but difficult to take and read it in wherever your need. It is quick and modest for crowd. That is the reason numerous individuals like paper before. However, as the online media grow up these year. Individuals can get free news on the site and the web news is a lot of quick than paper. It offer individuals another accommodation approach to get news. In a multi-media world, the paces of those individuals perusing paper is going down. Cole and Harcup (2010, p.7) express that paper won't kicked the bucket yet the grown-up populace of perusing paper is going down from 77% to half from 1983 to 2006. Furthermore, simply 30% individuals think paper is well known in 2006. It is a colossal test to paper after online news showed up. The paper and online media both use picture and language to recount to peruser story. However, paper have a restricted of picture and words. They couldn't utilize such a large number of pages to show subtleties. Site can include more pictures t... ...ine media both playing a significant job in spread news these days. The upside of paper is get perusers considerations and establish them have an incredible connection. The language and portrayal of paper will be considerably more calling and identity. The confinement of paper is the existence isn't wide. They need to complete work on schedule and couldn't include data after completed it. Furthermore, the impediment of paper is the benefit of online media. Site can alter whenever and gave as mush data as they needed. Lamentably, individuals have more options on Internet implies online media lost them rapidly. Both paper and online media have their own trademark. They have to gain from one another and consider how to get crowd and keep them. Change the disservice and get advantage from bit of leeway will enable each other to create later on.

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On Ambiguity in Fun Home Analysis of Two Key Scenes - Literature Essay Samples

Ambiguity is present within every language as every word can be interpreted slightly differently. In literature, complex ideas are often indirectly depicted through the use of metaphors and symbols. Likewise, images also possess a sense of ambiguity, perhaps even more so than words, since images are not bound within the limits of textual definitions or grammar in the way words are. Graphic novels manipulate images and blends them with concise text and presents a story through this way. Alison Bechdel demonstrates this method of expression in her book Fun Home, a memoir that showcases Alison’s growth journey as she discovers about homosexuality, both her own and her father’s. Ambiguity is very clearly incorporated in the graphic novel, such as the ambiguity around Bruce’s death which is strongly hinted to be suicidal, as well as the ambiguity of Bruce’s homosexuality that was not revealed to Alison until she came out first. There is also ambiguity in the ge neral dynamics of the relationship between Alison and Bruce due to Bruce’s detached persona. However, Alison’s relationship with her mother, Helen, is one that has far less ambiguous. The clarity that is within Alison and her mother’s relationship clearly juxtaposes Alison’s relationship with her father, and it is this juxtaposition that illustrates both the importance and the dangers of ambiguity. There are two scenes in the graphic novel that highlight such nature of ambiguity: the scene where Alison is in her father’s classroom and the scene where Alison asks Helen how she met Bruce. Firstly, in the classroom scene (pg 198 199), Bechdel highlights a moment where the bond between Alison and her father becomes stronger. This proves to be a significant scene in the story, since the bonding between Alison and Bruce essentially reduces the level of ambiguity in their relationship. The scene begins with Bruce, the teacher of the class, asking the class, which Alison is part of, simple questions about the book Catcher in the Rye. However, the class appears to be disinterested, with the two students at the front not even making eye contact with Bruce. Their eyes appear to be half opened, and one even claims â€Å"I dunno† to Bruce’s question, showing a complete lack of respect for Bruce as well as a lack of interest for the class. Contrary to those two students, Alison, who sits one row farther away from Bruce than the two students, answers Bruce’s questions correctly. This scene essentially repeats where Bruce asks another question and nobody but A lison answers. Alison believes that both Bruce and her â€Å"starved for attention† in the classroom, and that â€Å"sometimes it was as if [Bruce] and I were the only ones in the room†. She also claims that his class â€Å" [is] the only one worth taking†; which surprisingly, Bruce agrees with as he feels that Alison was â€Å"the only one in that class worth teaching†. This signifies a change in dynamics in their relationship, as thus far in the story, Bruce has always been somewhat detached with Alison. Yet, here the two of them recognize and acknowledge each other as someone of significance, or â€Å"worthy† as they put it. The phrase â€Å"starved for attention† is rather notable, as it could represent the relationship between Alison and her father: one that has an absence, or is â€Å"starved† of intimate emotion. Hence, this scene marks the beginning of a new phase where the two of them discovered their mutual interest in liter ature and are now closer. Yet, it is still important to recognize that even though the two of them have gotten closer, there is still a sense of disconnection which exists in their relationship, as it was not completely eliminated just from the two of them bonding in the classroom. As Bruce asks his questions, there are text boxes that describe the setting of the scene from Alison’s perspective, and she describes one of her classmates as a â€Å"perpetually handsome football player†. This demonstrates how there is still a certain level of disinterest in her father’s teaching, as she is not fully engaged. This is also shown by the way she mutters â€Å"uhh† before answering to the second question, as opposed to answering it with enthusiasm. Thus, there still exists to be a barrier between Alison and her father, one that would otherwise not exist or be as significant, in an ideal loving relationship between a daughter and her father. Moreover, this is exemplified through her fatherâ €™s solemn expression throughout the scene, despite having the â€Å"only one worth teaching† person, who also happens to be his daughter, answering him with everyone else showing disrespect. There is no sign of happiness or proudness. On the other hand, Bechdel also illustrates when ambiguity proves to be harmful for Alison and Bruce. In the scene where Alison asks her mother, Helen, how she met Bruce, Helen simply replies â€Å"I dont remember. Keep mixing. I need to concentrate on what Im doing†. (p67 p68). Bechdel then confesses in the text outside of the panel that she has â€Å"witnessed only two gestures of affection between† her parents, both incidents which turn out to be something as minor as Helen â€Å"putting her hand on [Bruce’s] back†. Likewise to the first scene, the facial expressions within the images are mostly expressionless, which again highlights to disconnection and lack of emotion within the family. However, there is one panel where Alison does show expressions, unlike the classroom scene. It is the panel where Alison appears to be surprised at her parents when they â€Å"pecked† for the first time in front of Alison. Within this panel, Alison claims to be â€Å"astonished and discomfited†. It is clear that the adjective â€Å"astonished† is being utilized negatively in this context, and by using these two words which share negative connotations, this generates a stark contrast between Alison’s reaction and how one would react if their parents did the same thing in an ordinary household. The fact that Alison was â€Å"discomfited† by her parents’ pecking showcase the dangers of ambiguity in a relationship. The ambiguity here lies in the suspicion for Alison regarding her parent’s love, and this ambiguity persists due to the lack of confirmation by any individual. As an example, Helen merely demands Alison to stop asking about Helen’s relationship with Bruce, but neither of them deliberately confirms anything. The existence of this ambiguity leads Alison to be accustomed to a family with no intimacy or genuine love. Moreover, this extends to the effect of impacting Alison’s own personality, as her detached upbringing leads her to become detached herself. This is exemplified through Alison’s lack of response when she finds out about her father’s death, portraying how her family has impacted her personality as well. Apart from impacting her personality, ambiguity has also harms Alison in the way that she is never able to feel truly guilt-free from her father’s death, as she ponders whether his suicide has to do with her decision to come out as a lesbian. Alison is never able to find out about the truth about her father, as she never truly understood him. This is evident as she only finds out about her fatherâ⠂¬â„¢s homosexuality indirectly through Helen. In the two identified scenes, the representation of the incident, ultimately, is not merely just the situation in the story, but the incident of the changing level of ambiguity in the relationship between Bruce and Alison. Ambiguity worsens as Helen refuses to answer Alison directly about the relationship between Bruce and her, whereas in the classroom scene, ambiguity is reduced. However, it is important to note that the classroom scene occurs after the scene with Helen. Both scenes share the similarity of showcasing the changes in ambiguity, but the scene with Helen illustrates the harm that ambiguity can bring to one. References: â€Å"Scene | Definition of scene in English by Oxford Dictionaries.† Oxford Dictionaries | English, Oxford Dictionaries,

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Analysis Of Hills Like White Elephants By Ernest Hemingway

Ernest Hemingway was a towering figure in 20th century American literature, known mostly for his larger-than-life persona and for his simple, declarative style of writing. The latter arguably won him a Nobel Prize, and also influenced possibly an entire generation of aspiring writers who came after him. Hemingway’s short and economical style is perhaps best displayed in his earlier work, most notably in his short stories, and one of his earliest, and most famous, short stories is â€Å"Hills Like White Elephants.† The story is about two people who are simply referred to as ‘the American’ and ‘the girl,’ at a train station, waiting to catch the next express to Barcelona; they have drinks as they wait and they talk about the seemingly mundane,†¦show more content†¦Once this is established, things become a little clearer as to why the girl is conflicted and in discomfort. Though her age, along with the American’s or any other chara cter, is not specifically known, given that she is simply referred to as ‘the girl’--sometimes ‘Jig’ as well, but this seems to be more of a pet-name or nickname than an actual name--one can assume that she is relatively young, possibly naive, and may be entering into the pinnacle of her womanhood. Although there is no description or extensive detail in the story to solidify this interpretation of the girl, generic names like ‘woman’ and ‘girl’ have great connotation, and should be taken into earnest consideration while reading â€Å"Hills Like White Elephants.† Very little is said in Hemingway’s story, but one is still able to assume that the girl’s discomfort comes the serious situation she is in, namely having to face the prospect of pregnancy and abortion, which is something far more complex than simply letting â€Å"the air in.† Due to any and all the factors that come into play when one is placed in such a situation, age being a notable one here, the girl may not feel ready to have or even want a child, but what is more clearly known in the story is that these thoughts are never fully able to surface and be discussed, largely because of the American’s abundantShow MoreRelated Analysis of Hills Like White Elephants by Ernest Hemingway Essay928 Words   |  4 PagesAnalysis of Hills Like White Elephants by Ernest Hemingway In â€Å"Hills Like White Elephants† Ernest Hemingway relies on symbolism to convey the theme of abortion. The symbolic material objects, as well as the strong symbolic characters, aid the reader’s understanding of the underlying theme. The material objects that Hemingway uses to convey the theme are beer, the good and bad hillsides, and a railroad station between two tracks. The beer represents the couple’s, â€Å"the American† andRead More Analysis of Hills Like White Elephants by Ernest Hemingway Essay1044 Words   |  5 PagesAnalysis of Hills Like White Elephants by Ernest Hemingway Hills Like White Elephants, is a short story,. It is a story about a man and a woman waiting at a train station talking about an issue that they never name. I believe this issue is abortion. In this paper I will prove that the girl in the story, whos name is Jig, finally decides to go ahead and have the baby even though the man, who does not have a name, wants her to have an abortion. It is the end of the story that makes me thinkRead MoreAnalysis of Hills Like White Elephants, by Ernest Hemingway Essay978 Words   |  4 Pagesâ€Å"Hills Like White Elephants† by Earnest Hemingway is a short story from 1927 that describes a couple drinking at a train station in Spain, and the story is relayed by an outside narrator. The third person narrator in this story gives the reader the events pieced together, told afterward, and translated to English. It is clear throughout the story that the girl (who is never named) does not speak Spanish, while her boyfriend does. When he first or ders two beers, he does so in Spanish through statingRead MoreCritical Analysis of the Short Story ‘Hills Like White Elephants’ by Ernest Hemingway.1497 Words   |  6 PagesCritical Analysis of the short story ‘Hills like White Elephants’ by Ernest Hemingway. Word Count: 1367 Hills like White Elephants – Ernest Hemingway â€Å"Will Jig have the abortion and stay with the man; will Jig have the abortion and leave the man; or will Jig not have the abortion and win the man over to her point of view?† (Hashmi, N, 2003). These are the three different scenarios that have been seriously considered in Ernest Hemingway’s short story, â€Å"Hills like White Elephants†. Ernest HemingwayRead MoreAn Analysis Of Ernest Hemingway s Hills Like White Elephants 1012 Words   |  5 PagesThe â€Å"Hills Like White Elephants† is a short story written by Ernest Hemingway and published in August 1927 for a literary magazine. The short story was later published as a collections of short stories called â€Å"Men Without Women†. Ernest Hemingway had strict concept of masculinity and femininity. This is evident in the personalities, demeanor and portrayal of the two main characters, the American man and his girlfriend â€Å"Jig†. The portrayal of the male character as well travelled, well-educated, andRead MoreCritical Analysis Of Hills Like White Elephants By Ernest Hemingway1089 Words   |  5 PagesErnest Hemingway was a towering figure in 20th century American literature, known mostly for his larger-than-life persona and for his simple, declarative style of writing. The latter arguably won him a Nobel Prize, and also influenced possibl y an entire generation of aspiring writers who came after him. Hemingway’s short and economical style is perhaps best displayed in his earlier work, most notably in his short stories, and one of his earliest, and most famous, short stories is â€Å"Hills Like WhiteRead MoreAnalysis Of Ernest Hemingway s Hills Like White Elephants And A Clean Well Lighted Place 2195 Words   |  9 PagesMathew Muller ENG 215 Ernest Hemingway Ernest Hemingway has this uncanny, yet, clear and distinctive writing style, that has made him a successful author and a means of many criticisms. One critic in particular, David M. Wyatt, says that Hemingway has a way of making the beginning of his stories â€Å"raise the very specter of the end against which they are so concerned to defend.† (Wyatt). In his two short stories, â€Å"Hills Like White Elephants† and â€Å"A Clean-Well Lighted Place, Hemingway draws out this uncannyRead MoreEvaluation Argument Hills Like White Elephants1388 Words   |  6 Pagesï » ¿ Ernest Hemingway: Hills Like White Elephants A white elephant is an idiom for a valuable but burdensome possession, but also it means a rare and sacred creature. In Ernest Hemingway’s short story Hills Like White Elephants, Hemingway uses an unborn child as a white elephant. This short story depicts a couple of an American man and young women at a train station somewhere in Spain. Hemingway tells the story from watching the couple from across the bar and listening to their troublesome conversationRead MoreHedonism in Hills Like White Elephants, by Ernest Hemingway Essay1588 Words   |  7 Pagescreation of a culture solely dedicated to consume. Ernest Hemingway analyses the behavioral patterns of such culture in his short story Hills Like White Elephants, where the concept of Hedonism- fathomed as an egotistical action whose only purpose is to bestow pleasure- and its consequences on the individual is explored. Through the characters dialogue in which they avoid a substantial conversation and implicitly state their dis appointment in life, Hemingway explores the emptiness generated by pleasure-seekingRead MoreErnest Hemingway s Hills Like White Elephants Essay1135 Words   |  5 PagesRiobueno ENC1102 12/11/16 Ernest Hemingway’s â€Å"Hills Like White Elephants† Ernest Hemingway’s â€Å"Hills Like White Elephants† is a story about two characters on their journey in the valley of Spain. They are deciding whether or not to make an abortion, which is indirectly implied on the narrative. Hemingway has a specific way of creating the story that it becomes apparent that every description he used is a symbol of the plot. Through this way of storytelling, Hemingway created an adamant and very

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Summary Statistics On The Reading Of Succeed Initiative

Summary Statistics on the We Read to Succeed Initiative After having fixed the issues previously listed, I ran summary statistics to better understand the population of mentees served by the Enhanced School Based Mentoring Program. Generally speaking, the mentees were representative of a diverse group of school age students. Demographics. In this program analysis, there were a total number of 62 mentees. Of the 62 mentees, as seen in the figure 1, more than half (60%) were of Hispanic descent. Similarly, 18% of mentees were White, while the remaining 28% were either African-American or grouped into a category of other. In addition, we observed the age group of the mentees, because the community-wide initiative seeks to improve the third-grade reading proficiency of those enrolled in the program. As seen in figure 2, there were a majority (35%) of 6 year olds represented. There were also a substantial (32%) number of 7 year olds. Furthermore, there was a comparative population of males and females. (Figure 3) When analyzing the indicators of family make-up, the general information provided showed that the mentees could be categorized as at-risk populations. As seen in the figure 4, when looking at the educational attainment of the mother and father, majority of them had a high school diploma or less. More specifically, more than a quarter (85%) of the mother’s had not achieved an education pass receiving a high school diploma. Additionally, almost all (96%) of the fathersShow MoreRelatedBuilding A Sound Foundation For Lifelong Learning1392 Words   |  6 Pagesdifferentiated instruction that promotes phonics, fluency, and comprehension skills and strategies to our students to read at or above grade-level to prepare for College and Career. Our student goal is to build a schema of skills and strategies to enhance reading stamina and comprehension that allows all students to learn, problem solve, and interact as age-appropriate members of society. TARGET GROUP: Economically Disadvantaged Students PROBLEM FOR TARGET GROUP: As the subgroup for the economically disadvantagedRead MoreHomicide in Puerto Rico: Causes and Preventions3250 Words   |  13 Pagestopic in the Economy and Solutions sections). Private schools and gifted class all contribute to the education disparity problem, which creates widespread crime as individuals dont develop the skills needed to succeed in life. Drugs According to the bureau of justice statistics, drugs are related to crime in multiple ways. Most directly, it is a crime to use, possess, manufacture, or distribute drugs classified as having a potential for abuse. Cocaine, heroin, marijuana, and amphetamines areRead MoreDavis Cass s Strategic Strategies For Success1834 Words   |  8 Pagesattendance. This process is different in college and students must acquire a high level of autonomy; as students they will need to develop skills to govern their time through organization and time management skills as they organize time for studying, reading, practicing, and deciding what to study and how long they should study for each class. In college, students are required to master learning outside of the classroom using these time management skills and study skills in learning the content, studyingRead MoreAttracting the Right Candidates2500 Words   |  10 Pagestraditional way or in our brave new world of social and professional â€Å"I nternetworking†. The process of creating a job description also offers an opportunity to examine you team and your company as a whole, and consider what human resources you will need to succeed. Where are you now? Where would you like to be in the future? And what kind of skills and abilities will your people need to help get your company from here to there? Many people consider writing a job description only when it is time to createRead MoreA Career in Investment Banking Essay2347 Words   |  10 Pagesactuarial science, agricultural economics, business communication, economics, finance, history, industrial management, international business, logistics management, managerial economics, marketing, physics, political science, risk management, or statistics, to name a few. In addition, it is always helpful to get more then one degree, or complement any of the degrees mentioned above with a degree in law or business law. Due to the variety of educational programs, students must evaluate their skillsRead MoreDTTLS Assignments5208 Words   |  21 Pagesalso thought that school would produce a more â€Å"civilized† workforce for the factories of the British Industrial Revolution. Ever more complicated machines required that their operators had the rudiments of education. Those early state schools taught reading, writing and arithmetic. Education in Britain has evolved since the 1870 Education Act but today historians recognize that Great Britain would not have become â€Å"Great† if the government not recognized that literacy was the key to economic growth. ACCIRead MoreEssay on The Pros and Cons of Small Class Size3011 Words   |  13 Pages Class Size and Students at Risk, author Jeremy Finn attempts to define class size for his readers. He explains that class size is not merely the pupil-teacher ratio; instead, he states that the average class size of a school is a more accurate reading of the school’s class size (Finn). The pupil-teacher ratio can be defined as the total number of students in a student body divided by the number of all professional staff and teachers at a school. While Finn said that this is an inaccurate measureRead MoreStatistics in Data Collection and Analysis6470 Words   |  26 Pagesquantitative data   for analysis.   Researchers can count the number of times an event is documented in interviews or records, for instance, or assign numbers to the levels of intensity of an observed event or behavior.   For instance, community initiatives often want to document the amount and intensity of environmental changes they bring about – the new programs and policies that result from their efforts. Whether or not this kind of translation is necessary or useful depends on the nature of whatRead MoreTeaching Reading Is Rocket Science13428 Words   |  54 PagesTeaching Reading Is Rocket Science What Expert Teachers of Reading Should Know and Be Able To Do The most fundamental responsibility of schools is teaching students to read. Teaching Reading Is Rocket Science What Expert Teachers of Reading Should Know and Be Able To Do June 1999 Author note: This paper was prepared for the American Federation of Teachers by Louisa C. Moats, project director, Washington D.C. site of the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD)Read MoreCache Level 3 Award, Level 3 Certificate and Level 3 Diploma in Child Care and Education15197 Words   |  61 Pagesreasons why practitioners need to understand the limits and boundaries e.g. in relation to child protection, confidentiality†¦.. Answers should contain a detailed consideration of the importance of a child centred approach and may refer to current initiatives e.g. Reggio Emilia, and research and theory. E8 Include references and a bibliography. D1 Explain why the practitioner should develop and maintain appropriate relationships with parents and other professionals. Discuss the characteristics of

Million Dollar Consulting

Question: Describe about the Million Dollar Consulting? Answers: The employment of consultant can be agreed with, as the consultants are the professional that provides expert and professional advice that helps in carrying the work in more effective way. For instance, a doctor that is an expert in the specific area of medicine can advice the patient to take the medicine for better health. Apart from that, human resource consultant can provide expertise idea in context to employment practice and management of people of the company towards the organizational goal. Therefore, the consultant can help in providing right guidance to the management or the human resource of the company. For example, if an employee is having technical issues in his work then he can consult with the technical consultant to solve the problem. Therefore, consultant can provide required support for the growth and achievement of organizational goals. Apart from that, the people that do not posses required skill or expertise should not be consulted as it may affect the growth of the company. Therefore, I do not agree that all the consultant posses equal amount of expertise and professional skills. For instance, Bling which is a small-sized industry involved in manufacturing home carpets, they consulted with a finance consultant for determining the their costs of operation and as a result, the consultant predicted less costs that affected the business of firm later on. Therefore, it can be understood that before consulting any consultant their background has to be known so that right direction can be sought that can benefit the company and attaining the strategic goal. The selection of networking consulting firm is acceptable as it can help in providing value added service to the associated client. The network consultant can help in building strong relationship with probable clients. For instance, the network consultant can help in maintaining the document in context to IT infrastructure and can provide required support to all the processes and procedures. On the other hand, employing a network consultant can be effective for the business as they can participate in the meetings of the company that is helpful for the business development. On the other hand, I do not agree with the fact that having only contacts with the clients can help in building strong relationship. The contacts can be effective for having communication but it may not turn out to be effective for long term. For instance, the requirement of services could not be understood by contacts but physical inspection may be required to understand the situation so that best service can be provided. Therefore, having communication over the phone and providing advice may not lead to success for the business. Therefore, in order to build relationship, a quality service has to be provided so that long run bonding can be built. I support the concept of advertising. The consultant can help in planning the advertising strategy that can help in increasing the brand value and consumer awareness in the market. On the other hand, the advertisement can help in increasing the market share and gain competitive advantage. For instance, advertising product or services via social media can help in increasing the customer circle and products awareness that can be valuable in gaining profit margin. Moreover, the business can target certain clients, specific demographics, companies, etc in order to plan their marketing strategies and stand out their performance. Apart from that, I do not comply with the fixing expectation in order to complete the project. For instance, if a job is of packaging a product of around 10 products in one hour and if the time has assumed that it can be completed in half an hour then it will disturb all the packaging process and procedure. Therefore, fixing time before knowing the actual time for completing work can result in huge cost and the flow of work can be affected. Therefore, time has to be set much far then actual date of delivery so that work can be completed with quality. Thus, it can satisfy the client. Classmate Discussion I have acknowledged from the classmates discussion post is that the classmate had a same viewpoint as I was holding. Moreover, their major point of discussion was consultant and time expectation for accomplishing work. On the other hand, some classmate discussed about the working environment that it has to be acceptable and friendly. I supported this thought of them and I believe it that having positive and friendly work environment can increase the efficiency and completion of task in quick time.